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CMS Guide

A handy guide to help you with day-to-day authoring of MedHub and Global EUA pages within Contentful

Flex Pages

In MedHub, several pages are built using the flex page type. A flex page, unlike an article page, doesn't follow a rigid structure. It doesn't necessitate the addition or inclusion of any particular sections, but allows an author to freely add them as desired. There are a couple of small exceptions to this flexibility in our implementation which I will call out. Currently, flex pages are:

  1. The tools page (/tools)

  2. The contact page (/contact)

  3. The resources page (/resources)

  4. The homepage (/)

  1. Tools

    The tools page is classically flex, with two sections being utilized here - section-HeroSmall and section-Cards. Note that this cards section looks somewhat different from the one in the homepage - there are options within the section for borders, theme color, hover effect and divider text that allow all kinds of flexibility to the author.

  2. Contact Page

    Again, this page is classically flex, with three sections being utilized here - section-HeroSmall, section-Cards and section-Banner. This banner looks different from the one in the articles, again highlighting the flexibility of this build and the kinds of options to the author.

  3. Resources

    The resources page is composed of the section-HeroSmall, section-LocalDisclaimer, and section-Publications. The section-Publications is built to automatically link to subpart-Publication to avoid the manual labour of having to actually reference into the section a publication every time you add one. As an author all you have to do is create a new subpart-Publication entry, link it (or not) to a (current or new!) modality, and POOF! it appears in the publication listing and is searchable.

  4. Homepage

    The homepage is built using the flex page with a small caveat - the search bar, though renderable on any page that you choose, would not work as expected on any page other than Homepage because it is so complex and custom. Other than that, this page is built using a simple combination of HeroSmall and Cards.

<TL;DR>? Download the video and I will show you this process using the compose app and outline some particulars of the structure.