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What we do

mRNA Access

We are dedicated to pursuing innovative vaccine solutions to address infectious diseases that pose the greatest risk to public health. Our mission is to explore the bounds of vaccine design and enable new medicines for emerging and neglected infectious diseases through collaborative research and pre-clinical development.

mRNA Access will open our production capabilities and development expertise to partners so together we can explore the possibility of mRNA, in search for the next life-saving vaccine.

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The Power of mRNA Access
mRNA Design Studio

mRNA Design Studio

Our custom mRNA is codon optimized for optimal expression and manufacturability.

Our Technology

High-Throughput Production

Optimized mRNA is manufactured using our prophylactic vaccine process, suitable for in vitro or in vivo testing.

Iterative Research

Iterative Research

The speed and flexibility of our platform allows for rapid design-test cycles of antigen design and pre-clinical testing.

How we work

Partnership & Collaboration

The Moderna mRNA platform has the power to transform vaccine development – but we need global partners to achieve this goal. Our mission is to accelerate innovation and enable new vaccines and medicines for emerging and neglected infectious diseases through collaborative research and pre-clinical development.

Flexible Antigen Design

With high-quality mRNA, optimized in our Design Studio, scientists are able to rapidly test parallel concepts to explore the field of antigen design for priority pathogens.

Early Development Engine

Early Development Engine

Promising vaccine candidates can leverage the Moderna Early Development Engine, which powers our ability to move at an unprecedented speed and scale, to accelerate candidates through clinical proof of concept.

Commitment to Public Health

Commitment to Public Health

At Moderna, we deliver on the promise of mRNA science to create transformative medicines, and we are committed to bringing the full force of our platform to combat infectious diseases of public health concern.

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